What Does Your Perfume Say About You? Find Your Signature Scent


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Unfortunately, perfumes remain an undiscovered territory for many men and women. In a real sense, this is something everyone needs. Scents, just like sight and sounds, have a unique way of triggering memories and emotions.

If you do not wear perfume, you are missing out on an essential tool in your presentational arsenal.

Your signature scent tells people what you believe in, your character, and even who you truly are. At this point, the greatest question is, what does your perfume say about you?

You have heard that a picture says a thousand words about a moment in time. Right? Well, your scent tells the world a story about you. Here are some tips that could help you discover a signature scent that accurately reflects your personality.

Scent Categories and the Story They Tell

Spending a lifetime perfecting your wardrobe and personal style to make a “Hello, world— this is me” statement is excellent. However, your efforts do not mean much if your body scent telegraphs a whole different statement.

Your scent happens to be the window to your soul, and while your wardrobe may crown you the modern badass, your perfume may tell a different story.

For a while there, I would walk into a store, sniff a couple of bottles and buy whatever smelt nice. I found myself asking the same questions all the time, and was hopelessly unable to vocalize what I do not like.

A bit of research around scent categories helped me differentiate scents and pick one that truly represented who I am.

  • Oriental

The oriental scent is lovely. It’s more of a clean laundry fragrance with warm, spicy, and musky tones. Oriental perfumes have evolved tremendously over the years, although the contemporary options still have a few bold notes.

An oriental perfume makes the statement that you are intense, impulsive, and possibly a night owl. People that love such scents are naturally bold, and they possess artistic inclinations.

Although they are sometimes overly sensitive, their highest bragging point is that they are creative and original. These are people whose characters are the perfect balance of wit and charm.

  • Citrus

Citrus perfumes smell like lemons, limes, or oranges. They often give the illusion of being in a spa of a top-end yoga studio. Such fragrances emit sharp, clean, and energetic freshness that provides therapeutic benefits.

An excellent product can improve your cognitive performance and mood by creating a balance between calm and refreshing.

So what story will your citrus perfume tell the world? If you love citrus perfumes, you are possibly charming, and you like to flirt. You also have a wild sense of humor and find it effortless to get along with everyone.

  • Woody

Woody scents range from sandalwood and cedarwood to spicy, dank, and creamy-nutty flavors. Such fragrances represent reliable, trustworthy, and easy-going people who love earthy smells and exploring the outdoors.

If you love woody perfumes like Givenchy PI, there is a good chance you love the smell of freshly cut pine trees and the atmosphere after thunderstorms.

What’s more is that this scent represents a sense of perfection, stability, and academic excellence. Woody scent fans often have high expectations of not just others, but also themselves.

  • Floral

If you are drawn towards the scent of lily, gardenia, and jasmine, you are definitely a floral fragrance fan. Such scents portray you as an open and friendly person. You are possibly down to earth, yet you have a carefree personality.

In the majority of cases, it is women who prefer floral scents. However, men too love these fragrances, although they will mainly go for those that smell like earthy roses. This reflects strength and endurance.

  • Marine/ Aquatic

Aquatic scents typically have salty and marine notes. They make the perfect fragrance for dreamers who are relaxed, casual, and spirited, yet quite intelligent.

Fans of aquatic scents are shy but willing to ride with the flow. Their greatest strength is that they are spontaneous. This is likely to be your perfect signature scent if you have an undying love for large masses of water.

  • Gourmand

If you have a thing for scents that revolve around feature notes like coffee, vanilla, chocolate, or food in general, you are a gourmand fragrance fan.

I am not a psychic, but if your nose gravitates towards products like Givenchy Pour Homme, you are highly likely a lively and very energetic person. Perhaps, you even love endless partying.

It is the Gourmand fragrance dudes that effortlessly attract gorgeous, bubbly girls. These men love socializing and would rather have a night of dancing in town than spending a weekend at home.

  • Sports Scents

These scents are created uniquely to be an adrenaline rush in an aromatic bottle. Such fragrances are uplifting and spicy with something herbal and woody in the middle, a citrus blend at the top, and musk or amber notes at the base. They portray hardworking, aspiring, and active characters.

  • Boutique

If your favorite scent is boutique, the chances are that you appreciate high levels of craftsmanship. You display personal passion and a deep concern for detail. People who love boutique scents hardly settle for mediocre or mainstream because perfection is their language.

Take-Out Tips

  • If you want to tell the right story, it may be essential not to be too stingy with your budget. Well, there are good reasons why one perfume goes for $50 and the other for $300.

While not everything revolves around how much you spend on a scented bottle, the last thing you want is for your aromatic signature to make a “teen after gym sessions” statement.

  • The fragrance is genderless. While most people think that perfumes are for women and colognes are for men, this cannot be further from the truth. Forget the marketing gimmicks and wear a scent that truly represents your character and personality.

Final Words

Is it necessary to trust your nose? Renowned researchers from across the globe have unveiled conflicting findings of various aspects of scent. What they all agree, however, is that fragrances are somewhat indicative of one’s character and personality.

We have taken you on a wild spin around some of the most fabulous scents in the market and the story they tell. If you are looking for your signature scent, focus on the kinds of fragrances your nose gravitates towards. Because your perfume says a lot about you!