The Life of Labour: Tamil Nadu Farmers vs Modi; Kochi Biennale Workers Not Paid


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The Life of Labour: Tamil Nadu Farmers vs Modi; Kochi Biennale Workers Not Paid

amil Nadu farmers had led a major protest in New Delhi in 2017 highlighting the depth of agrarian crisis in their home state and the need for the central government to act. But the long protest was largely ignored by the Centre.

Now, the farmers, led by Ayyakannu, have decided to field over 100 candidates against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi if the BJP fails to promise farm loan waivers and other farmer protection measures. Speaking to the media, Ayyakannu emphasised that in the previous elections, BJP had promised to double farm incomes but things had only gone south. This unique strategy is being employed to remind BJP of its unkept promises.

Precarious Work

56 bonded labourers freed from brick kiln in Karnataka

More than 50 labourers were freed from a brick kiln in Koppal district. According to the Times of India, the male labourers were purchased for around Rs 50,000 each and women for Rs 30,000 each from Odisha.

Kochi Biennale workers not paid wages

Last week, the Kochi Biennale Foundation received a legal notice on behalf of development firm that claimed more than Rs 70 lakh in unpaid fees. The firm has taken their campaign for unpaid fees public through social media. The development firm says that the Biennale Foundation refused to pay, claiming that they had been overcharged.

On the other hand, the Foundation says that the whole thing is a “disinformation campaign”. While it seems that the labourers have not been paid, it is clear that they are being used by their employer to recover the firm’s dues.

Death At Work

Two dead, two injured while cleaning ‘kitchen treatment plant’ in a Delhi restaurant

Two housekeeping staff were killed and two others injured when a private restaurant, Pirates of Grill, in Delhi employed them to clean a kitchen treatment plant without any safety gear or precaution.

While the Delhi government recently showcased 200 machines that will clean up the capital’s sewersand end the scourge of manual scavenging, these deaths remind that the goal to end inhuman activities such as these and protect lives of workers, is not merely a technological fix. The senior managers have been arrested under SC/ST Act and the IPC for causing death.