Puma is asking people from India to test its self-lacing shoe


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Earlier this year we saw shoemaker Nike launching its second generation of smart, self-lacing shoes called ‘Nike Adapt BB’ specially made for basketball players. But it is not the only shoemaker to come-up with this solution though. Rival company Puma also introduced or rather teased, its self-lacing smart shoe called ‘Fi’ (Fit Intelligence) earlier this year and now seems to be ready for user testing. It has been reported that the firm has started asking select customers from around the world to test the upcoming shoe.
And one of the countries from where Puma wants people to volunteer for testing ‘Fi’ self-lacing shoe is India. Although there is no word on its availability, considering Indians for testing might just be our first hint at it’s arrival in the country. Users should be 18 and above and can also be from US, UK, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Japan and Hong Kong.

“From all applicants, PUMA selects semi-finalists and invites them to a Skype interview. After that, we will notify those who have been accepted into the program. From then on, they will be Beta Testers, get a pair of Fi training shoes and will have three weeks to test them,” states the website.

To become a part of this one would have to sign-up on Puma’s website or via the Pumatrac app that is available on Android and iOS.

“Our Beta Testers will be asked to give feedback on the usability, design, engineering and wearability of the shoes via an online survey during and after the testing period. After that, testers can keep the shoes!”

For those unaware, Puma Fi is said to feature ‘smart sensing’ capabilities that adapts with the shape of the foot and goes tight enough to become fit. It is even possible to use the app to make the shoes fit. These shoes can be charged wirelessly on a dedicated mat and support swappable batteries as well. It is not for sure when exactly these will be launched.